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10 posts from October 2005

October 31, 2005

Sergey - what the heck are you talking about?

Remember those SAT tests where it was: pig:pink as:

a. red:blue
b. cow:brown
c. hen:chicken
d. none of the above
e. All of the above
f. a And b, not C
e. D not e, sometimes a.

Well that's what came to mind when I read Sergey's comments this weekend in NYT->

Link: Google Wants to Dominate Madison Avenue, Too - New York Times.

Google Wallet launching soon?

A recent article in Red Herring theorizes that Google is close to launching Wallet.  There's no real good explanation given for the thesis, but interesting speculation on the integration of gwallet and gbase.


October 27, 2005

Google Base - login is active.

The google base login is active as of 4pm ET.  It unfortunately does not allow anyone with a general gmail accnt to login (at least me).  It has a simple login and then loops back to the password screen after a timeout.

Here are screenshots of the two sequences->


October 26, 2005

Google base - more activity

For about 2 hours today (5pm-7pm EST) http://base.google.com was live with a simple login screen different than the screen shots that have circulated.  We were not able to login, but it did recognize folks with gmail.

Also, now if you have a gmail or other google account and login you will see a new area in the left list of "Google Services" you see Google Base which means to me they are very very close to pushing this 100% live.  Alas, Payments isn't on there yet though.

Screen shots here->


October 25, 2005

(lots!) more details on Google Base...

Lots of new information tonight on many blogs, I thought I would highlight some of it here with an eBay-ers perspective in mind.  Most of the blog folks look at it from a technical or search perspective which is interesting, but many eBayers are wondering "what does Google Base mean for me".  Let's dig in.

<Note you may need to zoom in on some of these images using the little zoom box in the bottom right if you are using IE>

First, some new information - the default drop-down category options for a new item are (anything in parens I have added as commentary).

1. Course Schedules

2. Events and Activities

3. Housing

4. Jobs (goodbye monster/hotjobs)

5. News and Articles

6. People Profiles (dating?)

7. Products (kind of broad)

8. Reference Articles

9. Reviews

10. Services

11. Travel  (hmm, not sure how this will work, expedia shouldn't be worried - yet)

12. Vehicles (eBay Motors)

13. Wanted Ads

Next, there are many new screen shots that reveal much more about the offering.  These shots come from internal screen shots that are on the "about Google Base" page you will see lower what I mean.

Login screen-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/7.gif

This is much like the screen that circulated earlier, but notice the inclusion of some popular items.  Notice the vehicle and genome (they seem to be kind of obsessed on the scientific possibilities, but they feel stretched).

Google Base Search results-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/6.gif

  • Pretty standard results page with thumbnails

  • Note the refine your search (by attribs/labels I'm guessing)

  • Also note under the title, the attribute/labels - kind of a neat solution using free-form tagging to the search problems that eBay has

  • Report item - so it looks like the community will somehow self-police.

Item preview-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/5.gif

  • Notice the payment area is mysteriously blank here.

  • Check out the cool google map inclusion.

Edit item-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/8.gif

  • Note the payment piece is interesting.  Paypal?  Credit Card?  Just an edit field?

  • Items expire in 0-31 days - much like an eBay store.

  • The picture service looks basic, but functional - 10 images is good for most items, but probably not enough for cars.

Item management screen-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/9.gif

  • Nice clean interface.  Note the parens around the user's login information - could this be a feedback system?

  • Here we see some items that do not expire, but the item page seems to imply nothing larger than 31 days.

Bulk upload screen-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/10.png

  • Not much exciting here

Program policies-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/1.png

  • This one is very interesting.  There are "program" (don't list organs) and editorial guidelines (be honest and no !!! marks) that you must abide by.

  • posts for products must ship throughout the USA- so much for local!?

  • fPrices and language in English/$US

  • What's not allowed - a significant list of items not allowed follows, that is very ebay-like!

  • No affiliates - sorry CJ/LS

  • Then the rest of the items are all items you will find in eBay's ToS.  Thanks eBay!

Terms of Service-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/2.png

  • Lots of legalese

About Google Base-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/3.png

  • ok this page is pretty sparse – the screen shots are pulled out above.

  • The "how it's different" blurb - different than what? Hmmm.  I do like the attributes

  • This says the interface is in English, UK, DE

Editorial guidelines-> http://blog.outer-court.com/files/google-base/11.png

  • This is going to be hard for eBay-ers to live by - no exclams or excess capitalization.  How will we live without NIB, NWT, ******L00k***** and things like that?

Google base - confirmed by google

Several news sources (dow jones, WSJ, thestreet.com, etc.) are now reporting that google has confirmed that google base is in early test.

Things are going to get pretty interesting.

In one corner:

eBay ($40B in GMV), 30% fixed price, 70% auctions with Shopping.com, Skype and Paypal.

In the other corner:

Google ($100B marketcap), little to no direct ecommerce business, Froogle, Google Talk and Google Wallet.

The more interesting question is will MSN, Y!, AOL and IAC get pulled into the battle and how?  Will they make alliances or go their own way?

eBay sellers I've talked to are excited about an alternative to eBay, but have lots of questions about GoogleBase - where will my listings show up? will I pay? etc.  Should be interesting.

Also if you look at the first screen shot below, you'll see in the house example, there's a drop down for pricing type.  What are the other types?  Best offer?  "google talk" me? auction????

Answers to these and more questions will be available as soon as more is publicly known.

google base - more images



Google Base - screen shot

Ok, a screen shot is now available on the web for when the google base was live for a while. http://telendro.com.es/imagenes/base.gif

Google Base - new eBay competitor coming today?

Several bloggers are reporting that Google has live today a new service at http://base.google.com/base/default  An excerpt from the page-

Google Base is Google’s database into which you can add all types of content. We’ll host your content and make it searchable online for free.

Examples of items you can find in Google Base:

• Description of your party planning service
• Articles on current events from your website
• Listing of your used car for sale
• Database of protein structures

It's too early to tell, but the used car example, the party planning example when mixed with the rumored google payment service could spell trouble for Craigslist and the folks at eBay.  Looks like the gloves are coming off....

October 18, 2005

The new Q4 eBay Ads are coming...

The "teaser" theme is: What is it?


You can even print out "it" here-> http://www.whatis-it.com/it.pdf

Looks like they reveal what "it" is on Oct 20.  So far the best guesses around the office are:

* it - some kind of skype hype

* it - The integration of ebay/shopping.com/skype

* it - A new way to shop on ebay (easier, more convenient)

What do you think?