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November 16, 2005

Google Base vs. eBay - battle 1 - search

Ok it's only been up for a couple of hours, but I've got to call this one. 

iPod search on ebay

iPod search on google base

See how quickly it takes with each system to find a black 2gb nano.

The google base search system just simply ROCKS!  Using the refine your search tags/attribs under te results  you can really navigate the listings rapidly and this should scale much better than eBay's 1990's flavor category metaphor.

There was a beta of a new search engine at eBay called Magellan that did some of this.  Unfortunately the super-dev that created it, Louis Monier, went to... you guessed it google.  The google base has Louis fingerprints all over it. What's worse is when he left he dropped a pretty big stink bomb on eBay and their lack of innovation.

The winner: Google Base

What this does point out is I think we're going to see the folks in San Jose start listening more to sellers.  As always competition is a good thing!


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