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November 29, 2005

Microsoft beta testing a Google Base like system?


As predicted, it looks like Google Base's launch is going to be followed rapidly by at least one more system designed to help people sell online in new and exciting ways.

Microsoft is evidently in beta with something codenamed Fremont that from what I can gather is a classified system that internally has been called a craigslist-killer.

Oddly enough someone in China was able to snag some marketing copy which seems to confirm the other sources->

This product represents a unique offering by Microsoft to address the person-to-person marketplace.  The product, code-named “Fremont,” is a dynamic new listing service that enables people to easily buy, sell, or swap among friends, co-workers, or the public.  Fremont enhances your ability to:
  • Connect with those you trust – your messenger buddies and your coworkers, 
  • Locate items in your neighborhood or across the country through integration with MapPoint and Windows Live™ Local (formerly Virtual Earth), 
  • List easily, instantly, and for free. 

So it looks like my thesis of the Clash of the Titans continues to flesh out with Microsoft coming to the game with their marketplace/classified/local hybrid at some point soon.

What's this mean to eBay sellers?  More options. 

Given all of this new competition for ebay it will be interesting to see what they do with fees in Q1.  Ok so who is next - Yahoo!, IAC, Amazon or eBay?


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