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January 10, 2006

(Get it!) PRONTO - a new way to shop+buy online!

Phew, this has been the hardest secret we’ve ever kept at CA.

Pronto, a division of IAC, has rolled their new shopping system into beta today for anyone to try out.

Pronto is a free download (absolutely zero adware) that you can configure to fit your online shopping habits.  One option is to have it monitor while you shop and alert you to lower prices on the internet (which is what everyone is doing anyway).  The system rocks because you are shopping around and get to a product you are interested in.  Then BOOM it pops up and let’s you see what else is out there for potentially lower prices.  This saves you tons of times because today you end up with a zillion windows open, maybe run through shopzilla/shopping.com and a couple of others, check ebay, etc.

This sytem does all of that for you and more automatically.

Disclaimer: For full transparency we have been working with these guys over a year to make sure the system meets the needs of merchants (large and small).  So I’m admittedly not totally unbiased on the topic.  However, I am an internet power buyer and I think as a consumer or even if you are a merchant this is a new category of online shopping system and online channel (for merchants) that will be important to a) try b) watch and c) partner with.   It’s going to save a LOT of people a LOT of time and $$!

Tip of the hat to my buddy Brian Smith over at Comparison Engines.  He did a stellar job of sleuthing out what was going on here and kept everyone on their toes!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Also watch for some more news regarding Pronto/CA shortly....


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