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May 25, 2006

Meg @ goldman - Q+A

Q: why did you pay so much for skype

A: With skype we bought the user base, it's a verb and the technology (voice compression was given as example).  Second, remarkable product roadmap.  If you look at their full suite of products, they are leaps and bounds ahead of competitors.  Brand, technology, roadmap - fourth ecosystem.

Q: Kijiji - what' up? (I love to type Kijiji)

A: We own 25% of craigslist, we've bought tons of things and put them into Kijiji - together we are in 20 countries and 400 cities where we are number 1 or 2.  In 12 months we've built 1/2 position in classifieds.

Models are different - some listing fees - maybe by category, maybe by ASP.

Craigslist monetization is housing/jobs in SFO/NY.  Kijiji is more monetized.

06 - scale

07 - monetization

We admire craigslist. That was the inspiration for going global.

Q: (Justin Bauldorf) In one of the small meetings they thought you were going to lower the eBay store fees - is that true?

A: Meg - I didn't say that, we're looking at things.


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