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June 28, 2006

eBay employee talks smack about payment systems.

eBay's Ro Choy rips Google a new one in his recent "Gbuy vs. Paypal" blog post (I'm not sure if this is a corporate-approved message or not, but it's interesting to see an eBay insider's view of things).

His basic premise is that consumers will not adopt.

My favorite highlight is where he accuses Google of bundling/antitrust and calls them evil:

  • "Please explain why this is any different than offering Internet Explorer free with MS' OS?"
  • "GBuy is simply Greenzap with a 'better' (more evil?) seller proposition..."

Looks like eBay's starting to take the gloves off.

***Update, the post appears to have been taken down.  But not to worry folks, this is the Internet, you can't put a horse back in the barn. The blog is cached in zillions of places.  For example, try this ask.com search and once you get there, hover your mouse on the little binoculars and you will see a cached version of the page.


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