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December 17, 2007

Saul Hansel@NYT gets an earful from disgruntled eBayers...

Handsome_saul One of my favorite ecommerce/internet reporters, Saul Hansel with the NYT, has a knack for lifting rocks and finding cockroaches (or at least stirring some pots).  I first met him back in the goto/overture days and he helped everyone understand the paid-search pros and cons.  Saul is still at it and in addition to his print efforts, you can follow his thoughts on his blog called Bits here.

Well Saul wrote an interesting post theorizing that if Amazon bought eBay it could solve eBay's problems.  AFter 50+ rapid comments, Saul wrote a great summary here, titled, The Depth of eBay's Problems which appears to be a multi-part post, with more to come as this is Episode I - Disappointed Buyers.   Well, this went up around noon today and already is swimming in more visceral eBay angst from buyers and sellers alike.

These are good reads if you have time and give a good sense for the 'vibe' out there on eBay and Amazon.  I'm not sure where things went awry, but there's definitely a strong anti-eBay sentiment with buyers and sellers that is being reflected on Saul's blog, eBay Strategies and ultimately in the performance+stock price of the two companies.  I'll keep you posted on where Saul's rock turnings take him...


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