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October 12, 2012

How to submit extra product images to eBay to promote your item

eBay continues to improve the shopping experience, and the newest updates to the search and item pages are no exception.  These changes have further increased the importance of high quality pictures with your listings.  While many sellers are used to including multiple images in their description, you can also include up to twelve images in the eBay header information (For variation listings, you can include up to 12 additional images for each option.). 

EBay Image BlogRecent changes to eBay policies and fees have removed all charges to include additional images in many (but not all) eBay country sites, so verify the fees for your country before adding additional images to your listings.  This allows you to provide these additional images at the top of your listing as well as in the description, increasing the exposure to buyers.

When submitting multiple images on a listing, these images are uploaded to the eBay servers.  This allows them to be seamlessly embedded in the item page display, and provides capabilities like zoom and enlarge to buyers looking through items available for sale.  These images are also directly available to buyers on the mobile platforms who may not even look at the information or images in the description.  By providing these images to eBay, you increase your product visibility to buyers across the entire eBay marketplace.

Submitting additional images to eBay through ChannelAdvisor is quite simple.  Options are available on the posting template for you to configure up to 12 images that will automatically be provided to eBay when your item is listed.  These are configured in the Picture URLs section of the posting template:

Picture URL

Just configure the additional fields with the information for your images – up to 12 if you have that many images for your products – and save the posting template.  This will automatically include the additional images with your new listings.  And, if you're using the Revise Listings functionality, your existing open listings will be updated to include the additional images.  Once you define the images that should be used, everything else is automatically taken care of behind the scenes to apply these images to your eBay listings.

For more details regarding eBay Picture Services through ChannelAdvisor, please see our Strategy and Solution Center information

Blog post by Marshall Smith, ChannelAdvisor Technical Lead, eBay

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