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March 27, 2013

Improve Catalog Matching for eBay Motors (List Better Fitment Info!)

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Many OEM, Performance, Motorcycle and Powersports Parts & Accessories dealers have struggled with taking full advantage of eBay Motors’ catalog of application data. It's clear that listing the correct fitment info for parts & accessories is one of the best ways to connect shoppers to the parts they need for their vehicle. But there is still a big challenge in listing to eBay Motors with the right information!

EBay Motors Garage
Frequent Shoppers on eBay Motors tend to save their vehicles to eBay Motors' "Garage"

There are two types of application data used on eBay Motors:

  1. Information supplied by the seller
  2. Information maintained by eBay Motors and made available to all sellers to enhance their listings

In this post we’ll be discussing the second topic—eBay-maintained catalog data and how to match your listings to this data so you can increase product visibility and sales while providing a better purchase experience.

EBay Motors Listing

When shopping for parts & accessories, buyers often select vehicle settings to filter the parts shown in search results.  Logically, most eBay Motors buyers are only interested in seeing relevant parts that will fit their vehicle. If your product and part application data isn’t listed using the eBay Motors catalog data or through your own efforts via Manual Fitment (a topic for another day…), shoppers won't see your parts!

EBay Motors Application Data
The above is a screen shot of the product listing page where the eBay Motors catalog application data is shown in a table that displays all of the relevant vehicles a part can be used with.

There are two options for matching parts & accessories with the application data in eBay Motors’ catalog:

  1. Supply either the Brand & MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)
  2. Supply the UPC code if one is available.

The MPN or UPC is a specific number, but what about the brand? Sellers often stumble here; should it be K&N, K&N Filters, K&N Engineering? How does a seller know the right brand name to send to eBay Motors?

Download the Official eBay Brand List

Fortunately, eBay Motors provides a list of the acceptable brand names that are used in its catalog. This list can be downloaded from the same location as the official Master Vehicle List (used for creating and submitting Manual Fitment). Download the brand list here (select “Parts Manufacturers” under Manufacturer Information).

If you are managing your eBay Motors listings on your own, you will have to update each listing one by one to make sure that your eBay Motors listings use the same brand name that eBay Motors is using in its catalog. This can be a very time-consuming, tedious process for sellers with a wide variety of parts.

Automate your Listings with Lookup Lists

For a more automated approach, ChannelAdvisor customers can take advantage of a custom product import template that leverages a Lookup List. This Lookup List can find and replace certain values automatically. For example, if the seller’s listing contains the brand name "Pro-Tech” and the eBay Catalog naming convention for that brand is "PRO-TECH Automotive Products LLC," the listing will automatically be updated to match the eBay-approved format.

In the example below from the ChannelAdvisor platform, the “Name” listed in the left column automatically becomes the “Value” (eBay-approved name) in the right column. As you can see, seemingly small variations (a space in AC Delco, the addition of AVS in parentheses in the second listing, etc.) can be the difference between your part being seen or becoming invisible to a buyer once they filter by part specifications.

ChannelAdvisor Lookup list

 Lookup Lists and other ChannelAdvisor automated features are crucial for dealers looking to quickly expand their number of product listings while making sure to adhere to eBay Motors’ listing best practices.

Summing it up

By matching to eBay Motors’ catalog data, successful dealers can ensure that their product listings are seen – and purchased – by shoppers, especially those searching by vehicle make and model. This will not only increase seller sales on eBay Motors but also help to reduce customer support headaches related to buyers making the wrong purchase.

Blog post by David Monterroso, ChannelAdvisor Senior Solution Consultant @montycommerce

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