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April 30, 2013

Live Blogging from 2013 Catalyst Americas: Amazon Fireside Chat (Part II)

Welcome to the live blog for ChannelAdvisor. We’ll be live blogging the general sessions at Catalyst to make sure attendees don’t miss anything. Also, make sure you’re following hashtag #CatalystAmericas and @ChannelAdvisor on Twitter for all of the latest. 

Speaker: Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor and Sebastian Gunningham, Senior Vice President of Seller Services at Amazon

Title: Fireside chat with Amazon

Part one: http://ebaystrategies.blogs.com/ebay_strategies/2013/04/live-blogging-from-2013-catalyst-americas-amazon-fireside-chat-part-i.html

Part two...

FBA: Scot said that retailers need to not consider FBA as a tool for your entire fulfillment process but as an accelerant to growth. Sebastian said that the free or fast shipping is increasingly popular across the world and its programs like FBA that open up access to to new regions. Once you send something to a Fulfillment Center, Amazon will help you sell it globally. For example in Europe, if a retailer in the UK sends their inventory to a Fulfillment Center, then Amazon will help with the translation, tax and fulfillment of that product across Europe. Amazon will also move your product to demand, so if you have a growing number of orders from a particular region, some of the inventory will be moved there to keep the product as close to the consumer as possible.

CBT: Retailers are using marketplaces as an initial expansion tool to new regions and follow that effort with a branded website after time. Sebastian urged retailers to take their time when expanding globally, don’t run before you can walk and make you sure you get your process streamlined and efficient before you move to the next region.

Price Parity: Everyone who sells on Amazon comes under Price Parity, and Amazon are just asking that retailers offer the same cost or lower than you are offering on other channels. This isn't to benefit Amazon, but to offer the customer the best shopping experience on Amazon. 

Mobile: "Mobile is a hurricane in the shopping landscape". Sebastian feels there is a lot of innovation yet to be discovered. Every retailer should be displaying their products on mobiles and this is where Amazon helps, if you're selling on this channel then your products are exposed to the Amazon audience on a mobile device and the Amazon app. 

Apps are incredibly difficult to develop and maintain. Having this consistent with your website can be hard, so its the apps like Amazon that aggregate multiple products in to one app that are the better option for retailers. 

Finally...Amazon announced a great special offer for Catalyst America attendees. Pop by the Amazon stand for more details!

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