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March 06, 2006

Google Base reputation system

Thanks to a tip from a reader, I was able to see this subtle change that Google has made to the purchase system for ratings. 

Here are two screen shots taken today (March 6, 2006).  In the first one, I'm logged into my google purchases (via my google account) and you will see in the red circle with the arrow a new link entitled: "Sellers I've Rated".

The kind of obvious guess here is that I'll be able to see all the "ratings" that I've ever left in one spot.

Today this link takes you to: purchases.google.com/buyerRatings which since the rating system isn't turned "on" is totally blank.

Now this is interesting. If you go to purchases.google.com/sellerRatings and get this message: "Your account state prevents you from performing this action or seeing the expected page.  To request more information, contact Google." So this is a live page, but I don't have permissions to see it.

So Dirson could be right - this is definitely pointing to some form of reputation system coming out in dribs and drabs.  We'll keep a close eye on it for you.


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