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September 27, 2006

eBay launches doorone - what the heck is it?

eBay went live with something called DoorOne, which is re-skin of shopping.com for UK/FR/DE/AU.

Not sure what the strategy is here.  Seems to me "shopping" maybe a better brand?  I spent a fair amount of time comparing dooreone.co.uk and shopping.co.uk and uk.shopping.com and they look identical except for the branding.

For example, here's the shopping books category

And here's the DooreOne books category.

Same SKUs, same order, etc.

My guess: Someone took all the shopping.com international URLs and now eBay is having to rebrand in Europe/AU.  Don't they check this stuff before buying these companies?

shopping.co.uk - resolves to shopping.net
shopping.de  - some other comparison shopping engine (they sell a lot of bikinis evidently!)
shopping.fr - looks like a vacation shopping system.

Remember though that shopping.com used to be Dealtime, so maybe dealtime didn't anticipate this.

What's your guess?


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