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September 14, 2006

Yahoo! and eBay testing a Google+Google Checkout like system?

Andrew Goodman at traffick.com has a screen shot that shows what looks like a test between PayPal and Yahoo! search where eBay items have a google checkout like shopping cart next to them.  Here's the shot from the site, the search term was "Fantasy baseball"


Given all the L-U-V between Y! and eBay lately, this isn't entirely surprising.  What makes me a little suspect about this is it's just a little too much like Gcheckout (also what's up with the shadow on the screenshot?). 

I give this one a 50/50 shot of being a prank where the screen shot is doctored.  If I were eBay I'd want the little double pp logo they use.  But then again, I could see Y! wanting to keep it more generic so they could swap out PP with something of their own choosing if they wanted.

Readers, I'm on the fence on this one - what do you think is this real or an elaborate hoax?


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