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December 08, 2006

Management changes at eBay

Linton135 In addition to the Philip Justus news (once again - Bill Cobb isn't going anywhere).  Philip is going to be running "core auctions" (which is US eBay, no express, no stores, no motors) - he will be eating and sleeping auctions.  Note to Philip - we need more of the same changes around fraud and bringing life back to the core site that have already begun.  Do more, faster!

Also, we've learned that eBay has snagged the CMO of BestBuy, Michael Linton (pictured at left) to run the non-core parts of eBay: Motors, Stores, eXpress and ProStores. 

That's pretty exciting to have some real-world retail experience at eBay.  Frequently as we've brought retailers to the eBay platform at ChannelAdvisor, we've seen a gap between how the retailer operates/thinks and how eBay thinks.  We bridge that gap, but having someone on the eBay side that "thinks like a retailer" is going to be very helpful indeed!  Ironically one of the retailers that had a good run on eBay was BestBuy - so Mike's familiar with what's going on.

There are also some changes on the product development and other areas that seem geared towards making things somewhat more efficient/streamlined.

Bottom line:  Net positives here, no sea changes like we're seeing over at Yahoo! where the CFO is now running the search engine/advertising unit.  Yikes!


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