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18 posts from April 2007

April 18, 2007

Update: PayPal+Y! vs. Google Checkout

As previously reported Yahoo! and PayPal/eBay are teaming up to offer a similar solution to Google Checkout.  We have some more info that readers and users have passed on:

1. We found a Y! Search result set with a badged listing:(golf shoes)->


Note: the red box was added to highlight the result with the cart.  I have to admit I'm a little underwhelmed.  I'm picturing this convo in the corridors of Yahoo:
(project manager runs into usability guru):
PM: "Hey usability guru, quick question - I'm working on this exciting new PayPal integration project and wanted your opinion on the badge."
UG: "Hmm, well we could copy the Google Checkout cart and change the color to blue?"

My big question is why not use the little double-p PayPal logo that eBay uses in listings?  Hmmm. I'm betting someone at Yahoo! didn't want to promote PayPal that much.

Wonder what the heck I'm talking about?  Here's the double-p in all its glory: Paypal

2. PayPal has a one-off promo site at paypal-promo.com that offers a joint program from the partners with $100 in YSM spend and free payment processing until the end of 2007.  I didn't have a chance to read the fine print, but I'm guessing this won't work for eBay transactions (urrgghh!).

If you've read the blog for a while, you'll know I'm a BIG fan of this increased competition because it's driving innovation UP and prices DOWN so suggest all merchants go ahead and sign up, pocket the $100 and enjoy some free payment processing thanks to Y!+PP (Hey who do you think is paying for this?! hmmmm).



Panama_2Since Yahoo! announced Panama (their new quality-score based search system) we've been inundated by financial and industry analysts asking about what we've been seeing.  At ChannelAdvisor we have 80+ large retailers that leverage our paid-search technology to manage their campaigns so we have a front-row seat for the impact these kinds of major changes are making.

Our standard reply has been that we don't have enough data to report anything, but we are now able to report some of the findings we are seeing.  Mike Shapaker has a full report over on the CA corporate blog.  Thanks to Mike for taking the time to do a deep dive on Panama and thanks to David Lee Roth for coming up with the code name.

Long-term careers put on hold for eBay

Earlier this week the Seattle Post ran an article featuring a couple of sellers I know from the community - thefrenchybee, sportinggoodsusa and CA customer (Hey Cosmo!) maxiumumvelocitysales.

Congrats to all on a good bit of PR work!

eBay Crushes Q1

Today eBay announced Q1 results and they were positive in all aspects:

  • GMV came in at $14.3b (+14% y/y)
  • Revenue came in at $1.77B beating previous guidance (+27% y/y)
  • Earnings were $.33 also handily beating guidance
  • Skype even showed signs of life more than doubling to $79m in the Q
  • International is where the revenue growth is, growing at 38% y/y with US growing at 18%.  US marketplace-only revenue grew at 15% - not bad, but it would be good to see more signs of growth in this part of the biz.

The only negative datapoint I saw in the results was listings, they grew at a paltry 2% y/y(588m vs. 575.4m Q106).  With GMV growing faster than listings that implies either the ASP or CR is driving the growth (or both, or maybe it's a mix?) 

eBay took the opportunity to raise guidance so Wall St. will likely see this as a beat+raise quarter so the stock will probably really take off tomorrow.

Congrats to eBay on a great Q!!

April 17, 2007

As predicted: Yahoo! and eBay announce Paypal Checkout deal to counter Google Checkout

The Checkout Wars continued to heat up today. Yahoo! announced during the earnings conference call.  Terry Semel noted that: "Starting April 17, Yahoo's sponsored search results will feature a blue shopping cart icon linking to merchants that accept PayPal Express Checkout."


April 14, 2007

eBay fraud on Oprah

Oprah On Friday, Oprah had a scam/fraud show and one of the segments featured eBay.  The segment covered a person that was bidding on a wedding dress, lost it, but got a fraudulent second-chance-offer.  She wired the 'seller' some $$ and of course never got the dress.

They had Rob Chestnut on who did a good job explaining why that wasn't eBay fraud and what they do to combat fraud.

Unfortunately it's never a positive when there's someone with Oprah's reach out there associating eBay+fraud so I think it was a net negative.


April 13, 2007

ChannelAdvisor Annouces Google Checkout Support in the UK!

Gcheckout_ukToday we are launching our support of Google Checkout UK (pictured to the left).  It's been great working with the GC team to design the system to be flexible and handle the unique challenges of going to a new country (VAT, etc.)

Details here.  We're hosting a webinar April 23rd for our UK customers to go through the details.

April 11, 2007

Paypal's $61b mistake

Billions According to the consumerist blog, A bug in paypal or the merchant's use of Paypal turned this $28 item into a $61b item.  Talk about going to extremes to increase TPV!