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October 06, 2008

Advanced Amazon webinar and other ChannelAdvisor items.

This week Wednesday (October 8), at 2pm I'll be hosting a webinar with some of our Amazon experts at ChannelAdvisor.  This is a follow-up to the very popular September 10th introductory-level webinar we co-hosted with Amazon.  At this week's webinar we'll be going into some more advanced strategies and can give you more of an independent view of some areas of Amazon since we aren't co-hosting with Amazon.  If you sell on Amazon today or plan on selling before the holidays this is a great opportunity to learn some of the advanced strategies we're seeing and also have your questions asked.

You can register for this week's webinar and catch the September one here (scroll down for the archived webinars).

Back on the eBay side of things, our friends at Vzaar who offer some great in-listing video options for eBay are offering some specials for ChannelAdvisor customers that include a $600 value and are detailed here or email [email protected] directly.


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